Power Wave®, Power Feed®/MAXsa® Software

Power Wave®, Power Feed®/MAXsa® Software
Power Wave® Systems feature Lincoln Electric's best performance technologies and welding processes rolled into highly efficient digital inverter power sources. Pairing a multi-process Power Wave® with a Power Feed® wire feeder creates an unbeatable solution for any application.

For submerged arc applications, the Power Wave® AC/DC 1000®/Power Feed™ 10A or Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD/MAXsa® welding systems are designed to provide superior results.

Power Wave®/Power Feed® and Power Wave®/MAXsa® welding packages allow for the use of Power Wave® Utilities. Power Wave® Utilities is a set of computer based programs that give the end user the ability to customize parameter controls, setup data monitoring tools, and perform diagnostic functions.

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The Power Wave®/Power Feed™/MAXsa™/Cruiser™ Bundle includes both a Weld Set and operating system for the following machines.

Product Name Weld Set Reference Guide Release Date
Power Wave® 355MZ123322LPDF DownloadMay-2012
Power Wave® 455MZ073101iPDF DownloadMar-2008
Power Wave® 455M/STT®
Power Wave® 455R
Z073102iPDF DownloadMar-2008
Power Wave® 655RZ000045JPDF DownloadDec-2000
Power Wave® AC/DC 1000®Z092804KPDF DownloadApril-2009
Power Wave® AC/DC 1000SD®Z123334PDF DownloadAugust-2012
Power Wave® C300Z194513PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® F355iZ050114FPDF DownloadFeb-2006
Power Wave® i400Z194541PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® R350Z194539PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® R450Z204744PDF DownloadOct-2020
Power Wave® R500Z204744PDF DownloadOct-2020
Power Wave® S350Z194539PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® S500Z204744PDF DownloadOct-2020
Power Wave® S700Z204738PDF DownloadOct-2020
CE Models:
Power Wave® 455M (CE)Z06E040iPDF DownloadFeb-2006
Power Wave® 455M/STT®
(CE) Power Wave® 455R (CE)
Z06E041iPDF DownloadFeb-2006
Power Wave® C300 CEZ194514PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® F355i (CE)
Power Wave® 405M (CE)
Z060044EPDF DownloadMar-2006
Power Wave® i400 CEZ194542PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® R450 CEZ204745PDF DownloadOct-2020
Power Wave® R500 CEZ204745PDF DownloadOct-2020
Power Wave® S350 CEZ194540PDF DownloadApr-2020
Power Wave® S500 CEZ204745PDF DownloadOct-2020
Power Wave® S700 CEZ204739PDF DownloadOct-2020
Asian Models:
Power Wave® i400Z194542PDF DownloadApr-2020